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Legendary cattleman says Merlo Multifarmer a prized asset

Mar 9, 2015
Legendary cattleman says Merlo Multifarmer a prized asset

(March 2015) – Veteran Queensland beef cattleman Sir Graham McCamley says his Merlo Multifarmer telehandler is the most versatile machine he has owned during his long farming career.

Sir Graham is one of the founding fathers of the brahman cattle breed in Australia. He and his family have spent 60 years building up one of Australia’s most successful organic cattle businesses.

Sir Graham purchased a Merlo Multifarmer telehandler about 11 years ago, the first one in Queensland, and says it was a great addition to his fleet of machinery.

“We have a fairly big operation, and the Multifarmer is invaluable because it can be used for so many different purposes,” he says.

“We use it for loading silage and taking silage out of the pit, and it is great for loading hay. With that extended arm it was the only machine that could load the big square bales onto a flat deck road train to full capacity. You couldn’t do it with an ordinary machine; you need that extension.

“We have also used the Merlo to build large high sheds. We couldn’t have built them to the height we wanted without the Merlo.”
Sir Graham has owned and worked with a lot of heavy machinery over the years. He says the Merlo is also perfect for lifting machinery and engines.

“It has been reliable and trouble free. It’s fully hydrostatic and is a beautiful machine.

“We put big windmill wheels up on high towers with the Merlo. We lifted them off and then put them back on. It has to be exact because you have to lower the wheel down and put the bolts on.”

Sir Graham also likes the drive shaft and three-point linkage, which allow him to pull a set of power harrows.

The Merlo Multifarmer is purpose-designed for agriculture, with its telescopic boom, rear three-point linkage and powerful mechanical PTO delivering great performance on the road and in the field.

Powered by a 114hp Deutz engine coupled with a variable 40kph hydrostatic transmission, the Multifarmer has the power and speed ratio needed for every job.

It features Merlo’s Load Control safety system which constantly monitors the load position and weight, and warns then locks out the operator if the machine approaches a potentially dangerous load position.

Sir Graham says he has never questioned his decision to purchase the Multifarmer and given that he still uses it today, the decision seems justified.

“There was no other machine at the time that had all the features of the Merlo. We needed something to suit our large and diversified operation,” he says.

“We use the Merlo all year round. If it’s not doing silage, it’s doing hay or something else. There are all sorts of different jobs going on when there is no agricultural work being done. We can thoroughly recommend the Merlo. If I bought another one, that’s what I’d buy.”
Merlo has a comprehensive dealer network throughout Australia, with a strong focus on customer service and support.